Hello Friend

Hello 👋 my name is Jonathan Ruiz. I am an iOS developer, podcaster, and coffee enthusiast. I host the Everyday Robots Podcast with my cohost Mark Fransen. It’s a weekly show about Apple news, the iOS community, and also includes interviews.


I have two apps in the App Store Vizard & Lockne. Lockne is my newest app and it solves the age old problem of taking a great photo for your iPhone’s lock screen or home screen wallpaper. So many times a great photo is rendered unusable by iOS zooming into the photo or having the time and date covering the subject of the photo. Lockne fixes all this by giving you a real time view of what a photo would look like as your lock screen or home screen wallpaper. That way you know how the photo will turn out before you even hit the shutter button.

Hello Friend

Since shipping Lockne has been featured on a few places so if you want to hear what others think about the app have a look 🙂.


Feel free to get in touch to send me a message you can email me at: hijon@hey.com. If your into Twitter send me a tweet @refactoredd.