Every year Apple comes out with a lot of new products. iPhones, Macs, accessories are always a given but I wanted to take some time to think of things I would be most interested in them releasing.

A new first party monitor

While the Pro Display XDR is very nice its way out of the budget of many many Apple fans. I think this is going to be an easy opportunity for Apple. The iMac is in need of a redesign and it makes the most sense to debut that with a new M1 variant iMac. So with a new display and industrial design for an all in one machine it wouldn’t be too much work to build a variant of that display with no computer inside. It could look the same as the new iMac or a little different but the important part is it would ideally cost: $1,000 -$2,000. I’d assume they would only make one size but it would be awesome if they offer two sizes just like the iMac.

Like the Mac Pro is a symbol for Apple making the best computer it can. I think at this point Apple fans want to feel the same way knowing they can buy a really great first party Apple monitor that would match their laptop or Mac mini. As it stands now you can only get Retina display quality like an iMac or MacBook if you buy the LG UltraFine and there are a lot of people who don’t like these monitors. If Apple had this as an option before March of last year I think they would have sold a ton of these.

Apple please give us a really great first party monitor that doesn’t break the bank.

Updated first party keyboard

With the butterfly keyboard behind us Apple’s Magic Keyboard has been really well received. I think with a new iMac coming they have the opportunity to upgrade the mouse and keyboards that come with it. Like the monitor it’s important to have a good first party keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is what interests me more.

I currently use a mechanical keyboard and love it. I think Apple’s next first party keyboard should be more like the Magic Keyboard they have on their MacBooks. But why stop there ?

I would love Apple to make a first party mechanical keyboard. I wouldn’t expect it to have the option to pick key switches but that would be a nice touch. And while they’re at it what would be insanely great is making a first party mechanical split keyboard. I’ll take any split keyboard doesn’t have to be mechanical but I would buy a first party Apple split keyboard in an instant.

I think Apple has done very well with the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. I hope this makes them realize they have the same opportunity for an up-sale when it comes to the Mac. Mac fans would love the option for multiple first party keyboards to choose from. While this hasn’t really been a thing for Apple in the past it could be a great way to grow their accessories business.

This hasn’t really been rumored but if a new industrial design for an iMac is on its way new peripherals will hopefully get updated for this next decade.

Car Play dongle

If this is going to be the year Apple ditches the lightning port on the iPhone I want a first party wireless CarPlay adapter. This would even be useful now. I don’t want a port less iPhone but this would have to exist if they did move in that direction.

iPhone 13 mini

Whether they call the next iPhone the iPhone 13 or some other name. I really really really hope Apple continues the mini it’s been my favorite iPhone in years. It’s size is so perfect and I don’t want to go back.

More expansive M-series Mac mini

I love my 2018 Mac mini its one of the best Macs I’ve ever had. It’s also the first real desktop computer that is just mine. While Apple made an M1 Mac mini its port selection could be better. I hope Apple puts a more powerful M-series chip in another Mac mini that has more ports even if it just matches my 2018 Intel Mac mini that would be awesome.

What do you want to see from Apple this year?

What would you like Apple to release? Do you want some of these products or is there something I didn’t mention that you want to see.