I don’t want to burry the lead on this one the iPhone 12 hits me in the feels really hard. I love this phone 😍.

iPhone SE, 11 Pro, 12

iPhone SE, 11 Pro, 12 bottom view

Since the iPhone 6 in 2014 we gave up the flat sides of an iPhone in favor of a rounded edge design. I think we were all very willing to give that up to get a bigger screen at the time and the 6 Plus seemed like a tablet not a phone. Times have changed so much since then but one thing I feel like may never change is how different hardware makes you feel different about things even if their functions are largely the same.

Having upgraded from the iPhone 11 Pro I am in the small group of people who upgrade their phone every year. So I won’t experience a vast difference in features or have the same impressions as someone coming from an iPhone 8, X, or even older. Most people keep there phones for 3-4 years or more and thats a normal upgrade cycle. But even in a short period of time this phone has made me feel home again.

This phone hits you in the feels in the sense of familiarity and nostalgia and how comfortable it is to hold. The iPhone 11 Pro has never felt easy to hold with ought a case and the frosted back makes it less grippy not more. I forgot how much more tactile a phone with a glass back is. For the first time in 6 years I have a phone that doesn’t feel like a bar of soap that I’m afraid to use without a case.

After Apple showed off the 12 and the 12 Pro this year I was much more drawn to the regular 12. I love the look of the aluminum sides and prefer them over the glossy stainless steel flat sides of the 12 Pro. It’s striking how subtle things are but with rounded edges the stainless steel fit more with the Pro line. It looked like the display was melding into the sides especially with the midnight green color. On the iPhone 11 the aluminum sides made the phone feel and look kind of chunky especially since it also had larger bezels. So little has changed but at the same time a lot has in its look and feel.

I was very eager to have a lighter phone too lately I had started feeling like the 11 Pro was too heavy to use comfortably for long periods of time. The lightness of the iPhone 12 is a welcome change not only is it lighter but it’s a little taller so the weight distribution is better. It feels so great in the hand and it’s very comfortable to use especially with out a case. This has easily become one of my favorite iPhone designs in a long while and the blue is amazing especially the shade of blue on the aluminum sides is a dark deep blue that looks so so good.

I feel like Apple made the decision for many people like me easy this year. Since I preferred the 12 and not the 12 Pro i’m going to give up things but it wasn’t really things I felt like I was missing out on. Here’s what I gave up.

  • Telephoto camera
  • Stainless Steel
  • Apple Pro Raw
  • 2GB of RAM

And thats about it thats all I really gave up the 12 and 12 Pro are the same size and dimensions. For me one of the main factors always keeping me on the Pro line is the OLED display but Apple reduced the bezels slightly and have the same OLED panel on the 12 and 12 Pro. The pro technically gets brighter but in direct sunlight i’ve had no problems with the 12 display its bigger than my old phone and looks amazing. I was worried it being a little taller would make it less ergonomic but shrinking the bezels ever so slightly and adding flat sides makes this a non issue for someone who didn’t want a bigger phone. I have the same cameras as the iPhone 12 Pro the only thing I am missing is that telephoto. Initial impressions suggest the LIDAR isn’t super game changing for photos so I don’t think i’m missing out there either. Its a bit too early to talk about the battery life it seems to be pretty on par with the 11 Pro I have had and I loved the battery life of the 11 Pro. I was very tempted by the iPhone 12 mini and want to see one in person some day but ultimately I ended up getting the 12. I don’t regret not waiting anymore having had this phone it feels like a great size.

I think for anyone upgrading for the camera this year Apple has made everyone join the Max club. The iPhone 12/12 mini and 12 Pro seems to feature the same sensor as the 11 and 11 pro of last year. Just with a faster lens with an aperture. The normal wide angle lens is ƒ/1.6 aperture on the 12 & 12 Pro as opposed to the ƒ/1.8 aperture of the 11 Pro. It is only the 12 Pro Max that features an all new sensor that is way way larger than anything we have seen in an iPhone. Computational photography plays a huge role in todays phone photography but nothing will change the advantage of having larger better sensors. I don’t want a phone anywhere close to the Max sized phone so for me this was never anything to worry about. I’ll take the small improvements over having a phone thats too big for me. Here are some photos I have taken with the 12 the better lens helps in low light and remember the 12 and 12 Pro have the same cameras if your on the fence you just have no telephoto zoom lens.


Night mode photo 1

Night mode photo 2

Night mode photo 3

Night mode photo 4

Night mode photo 5

I think the iPhone 12 is really an upgrade for a form factor change for me. This phone makes me happy when I use it its the same but different familiar but new. I know its a little much to get a new phone every year and mainly get it for a form factor change but it’s not a bad decision in my book. This is our most personal computer and its not a crime to want it to look and feel as good as it can be and this phone feels fantastic.