Apple finally seems to be giving full attention to the Mac again. The last decade for the Mac was ending on a downward slope until the M1 saved it. In 2013 Apple debuted the “trash can” Mac Pro it was a huge miss for Apple and its Pro users. It took until 2017 for Apple to respond with an iMac Pro to make up for that mistake. Then they took the time to rethink the “cheese grater” Mac Pro. But while many Mac fans were rejoicing to have a tower Mac again and a new first party Apple monitor many were left out because they cost so much. People who had bought a tower Mac Pro for a few thousand were looking at a $6,000 starting price with a mere 256gig SSD…

Gurman has some new rumors on upcoming Apple silicon for Macs to be released this year and its made something really clear to me. While the report is really exciting I also have reservations on calling it exciting and i’m kinda sad that it’s exciting. Apple had made big some mistakes with its Macs in the past decade. One of the biggest the butterfly keyboard introduced in 2015 killed the good reputation of MacBook Pros and how they were super durable machines that last years and years. It took until 2020 for that keyboard to finally leave all the Macs Apple sold. With Gurman’s report and even just the fact that the 2019 Mac Pro exists as it does it seems Apple is ready to make right all the mistakes of the past that the Mac has suffered from. So here are some of the rumors.

  • MagSafe is coming back to MacBooks
  • The TouchBar is going away (maybe optional?)
  • A new smaller Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will be introduced alongside a new Intel version
  • A new display is being developed that wont cost $50,000 and hopefully comes with a stand

Apple is hitting the redo button

It seems Apple is ready to accept its mistakes of the past and strip away the things that haven’t panned out. While these rumors are exciting its pretty obvious it’s just bringing stuff we’ve had before from Apple. The new Magic Keyboard that replaced the butterfly keyboard was hitting the redo button. The 2019 Mac Pro was hitting the redo button. A lot of the big bets of how to innovate and move the Mac forward were largely misses and it’s kind of striking to realize that looking back. Apple is building a new foundation for itself to move the Mac forward again.

The amazing M1 chip and its soon to be announced successors will propel the Mac forward in ways Intel could not. Everyone is rushing to replace their high end MacBooks with “entry level” Macs cause they are out performing them. The M1 is what Apple has needed for the Mac for a long time and it’s so exciting to see them deliver on that promise and open secret to move to ARM.

So if all those new bets for the future of the Mac were a mistake and being walked back what does Apple have up its sleeve for this decade? I can’t wait to see what those ideas are. If the TouchBar was a mistake what will be the next idea for MacBooks? If Apple can make an Apple Silicon Mac Pro that runs way cooler and is way smaller than the current Mac Pro will they price it lower? Will they give fans a tower Mac that costs $1,599 and go up from there not start at $6,000? If the M1 shows us anything is Apple can deliver amazing performance per watt in computers most wouldn’t consider for their workflows. So the new mid range Macs and high end Macs are going to look a lot different than before. I can’t wait to see Apple hit the redo button on high end desktop Macs and MacBook Pros.

My 2021 Apple device wish list

Every year Apple comes out with a lot of new products. iPhones, Macs, accessories are always a given but I wanted to take some time to think of things I would be most interested in them releasing.

A new first party monitor

While the Pro Display XDR is very nice its way out of the budget of many many Apple fans. I think this is going to be an easy opportunity for Apple. The iMac is in need of a redesign and it makes the most sense to debut that with a new M1 variant iMac. So with a new display and industrial design for an all in one machine it wouldn’t be too much work to build a variant of that display with no computer inside. It could look the same as the new iMac or a little different but the important part is it would ideally cost: $1,000 -$2,000. I’d assume they would only make one size but it would be awesome if they offer two sizes just like the iMac.

Like the Mac Pro is a symbol for Apple making the best computer it can. I think at this point Apple fans want to feel the same way knowing they can buy a really great first party Apple monitor that would match their laptop or Mac mini. As it stands now you can only get Retina display quality like an iMac or MacBook if you buy the LG UltraFine and there are a lot of people who don’t like these monitors. If Apple had this as an option before March of last year I think they would have sold a ton of these.

Apple please give us a really great first party monitor that doesn’t break the bank.

Updated first party keyboard

With the butterfly keyboard behind us Apple’s Magic Keyboard has been really well received. I think with a new iMac coming they have the opportunity to upgrade the mouse and keyboards that come with it. Like the monitor it’s important to have a good first party keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is what interests me more.

I currently use a mechanical keyboard and love it. I think Apple’s next first party keyboard should be more like the Magic Keyboard they have on their MacBooks. But why stop there ?

I would love Apple to make a first party mechanical keyboard. I wouldn’t expect it to have the option to pick key switches but that would be a nice touch. And while they’re at it what would be insanely great is making a first party mechanical split keyboard. I’ll take any split keyboard doesn’t have to be mechanical but I would buy a first party Apple split keyboard in an instant.

I think Apple has done very well with the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. I hope this makes them realize they have the same opportunity for an up-sale when it comes to the Mac. Mac fans would love the option for multiple first party keyboards to choose from. While this hasn’t really been a thing for Apple in the past it could be a great way to grow their accessories business.

This hasn’t really been rumored but if a new industrial design for an iMac is on its way new peripherals will hopefully get updated for this next decade.

Car Play dongle

If this is going to be the year Apple ditches the lightning port on the iPhone I want a first party wireless CarPlay adapter. This would even be useful now. I don’t want a port less iPhone but this would have to exist if they did move in that direction.

iPhone 13 mini

Whether they call the next iPhone the iPhone 13 or some other name. I really really really hope Apple continues the mini it’s been my favorite iPhone in years. It’s size is so perfect and I don’t want to go back.

More expansive M-series Mac mini

I love my 2018 Mac mini its one of the best Macs I’ve ever had. It’s also the first real desktop computer that is just mine. While Apple made an M1 Mac mini its port selection could be better. I hope Apple puts a more powerful M-series chip in another Mac mini that has more ports even if it just matches my 2018 Intel Mac mini that would be awesome.

What do you want to see from Apple this year?

What would you like Apple to release? Do you want some of these products or is there something I didn’t mention that you want to see.


Deep breath 2020 is over. Its problems wont disappear overnight but there is hope. A vaccine is on the way some already have gotten it. I have never been one for New Years resolutions no matter how hard I try. I tend to start projects when the ideas come up.

Let’s just forget all those 2020 was terrible and let’s ease into 2021. Take a break let your mind wander with ought a screen for a bit everyday.

Don’t pressure yourself to have it all figured out take it day by day. Take it one day at a time and your focus on the day ahead will compound to real change. For me thats wanting to focus more on iOS development and less on social media. Ive been chasing podcast download numbers and follower counts for too long. I know I shouldn’t but it’s a hard habit to break.

Last year made me feel very alone and secluded from others. Being afraid of getting sick wanting to be home more and more. I still feel that way if I’m honest it’ll take a little while for things to change. But I think this year those feelings will go away.

As we couldn’t predict last year let’s take it one day at a time. Be ready to focus on mental health, our friends and family, and our hobbies. 2021 == hope for a better future.

A line of growth

When I approach a new topic or try to learn a new skill there is something I often think of. A straight line.


Why a line? Well there is this philosophy I have about learning new things in your life. Often times it’s so easy to see someone and get inspired by their skills. You might say I would like to be like them and learn that. So you set off to learn and after a few months you may be thinking I think I am getting the hang of this! Or you might be like this is so hard why is it taking so long?? Now back to that line… let’s say the left side is beginner and the right side is expert.

beginner |—————————| expert

You are always starting at a beginner level when learning a new skill be it: coding, painting, film making, learning an instrument, anything. The individual you saw that inspired you may be here in the line.

beginner |————————0–| expert

And after a few months of hard work and practice trying to achieve that same skill you might be here.

beginner |—0————————| expert

After a year you might find yourself advancing quite a bit and are closer to the expert.

beginner |——————0———| expert

But what happens if after a year you are still having a hard time with that skill and only move a small amount ?

beginner |——0——————–| expert

This is where I think it’s important to do some introspection. It’s not that you can’t become like the expert I believe you can. However everyone is different and one skill taking you 5 years to master may take others only 1 or maybe 8 months to master. It could be something that you struggle with but thats okay because everyones different. They may have had another expert teach them, or have other skills that help them learn the one you saw. The most important thing is to realize your skills and weak points there’s nothing wrong with either but it’s important to know them.

You before/after 1 year

beginner |—0————————| expert

beginner |——0——————–| expert

Expert before/after 1 year

beginner |———0—————–| expert

beginner |————————0–| expert

The two scenarios is that the skill you chose is something that you do have a talent for and can advance quickly. Or it may be a task you struggle with and takes you longer than others. I think people notice this most in a school setting. I know there were definitely times where I envied my classmates who didn’t need to study hard for math class. I would often times need to study twice as hard to have a chance of doing well on exams. Yet other skills I had like playing the guitar was hard for those same individuals. This was when I started to think in this way of following ones talent with this concept.

But there is something very important that I haven’t included but have hinted towards. If this is the start of someones journey to attaining a skill why aren’t they starting at the beginning?

beginner |—0————————| expert

Natural talent.

Something that can’t be overlooked is that everyone has a natural talent. Some can be very artistic and whether it’s drawing with pen and paper or using a paint brush Art comes easy to them. They have tons of natural talent in this skillset. For them learning to paint is like this.

Before/after 1 year

beginner |————0————–| expert

beginner |————————0—| expert

Someone who does not have natural talent in regards to being an artist may be closer to this.

Before/after 1 year

beginner |–0————————| expert

beginner |———–0—————| expert

So if you have set out to try and learn something new and have been discouraged don’t give up! Just think about the line and how certain skills are more or less attainable by each individual. It may be that you can’t advance as fast as you have hoped but it doesn’t mean you cant get there. If you try and learn something new and realize that you are a natural then it’s clearly something you have a lot of natural talent for and can go far quickly. There is always the tough combination of loving something and not being able to be super successful in it. But if you stick with it no matter how long it takes you’ll be an expert and thats all that matters 🙂.